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    Hello everyone

    I’ve noticed that activity on the board has picked up over the past few months, mainly in the RPG rooms. The forums have been serving as a way to bring together people who have wandered off into random little caves and crevices of the internet abyss over the years and has been quite helpful to bring together the familiar names along with great memories of the time we shared. Though the goal of this site has been to reunite and remember what was, it is also here to discuss what is, and what will be. It’s not always easy to bridge the past with the present, there are many different points to focus on. The technology has evolved from apples to oranges, but we always have something sweet to work with in building our home.

    Now that the website has been updated to be a little more useful than it was when we first made the transition from the old forums, the next goal will likely be to work on getting a desktop application for us. Mainly what we have in mind is a simple instant messenger for us to stay in contact with our prodigy friends. If this is successful, we will create chat rooms to accompany the messenger.

    The messenger would serve as an important means of bridging the past with the present. Reminding us that even though the technology has drastically changed, the essence of the prodigy community is the same.

    Thanks everyone for your support on the boards and I hope you continue to find them useful!

    *does a back flip*

    10 anyone?





    Wow I’m excited to see that we are just one member away from having 450 users signed up for the boards!! Even after all this time, we are still growing and more and more people are being reunited. Every day I check the active topics RSS feed (on my google homepage) to see if anyone has posted anything new, and every week there is always a new member or a new post to read. Henry J has been a big contributor in the Comics BB section, he always has new jokes posted weekly that are absolutely hilarious. Thanks for your contribution Henry!

    We’ve come a long way since the forums first inception back in 2005. A transition from ASP forums to the phpBB forums, the chat rooms, customized Prodigy ID log ins, and we are continuing to develop new features every day. Even with all the changes we go through. It’s a comforting feeling to know that we still have a place to find our old friends, no matter what’s going on in our lives.

    I’m happy to be a part of the Prodigy Classic memories, and I hope we can share our experience of the best ISP I ever knew for years to come.

    Tell me you don’t still get excited thinking about that little white envelope in the bottom right hand side of the screen.. and the all too familiar voice…

    “You Have New Mail!”

    and of course… “Innnnsssstaaannt Message!”

    Alright my friends… til next time. {s Goodbyef} ;D


    aka Jeff

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