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    I guess I’m one of those who can’t forget it. It’s funny to think that back when most of us were using P* Classic, we were a bunch of smart ass kids and the internet wasn’t really a thing yet. Meeting people online was rare, and we were in the infancy of high speed connections, I faithfully soldiered on using my 56K connection until early 2003. Now we look at the internet as so much more than sort of like a thing geeky people used to communicate with each other. Now schools have it, even that 10 year old kid has it on a cell phone now. Amazing how much technology has progressed in the 13 years since P* Classic shut its doors for good.

    I actually miss it though. It was more fun when the community of people was limited, and P* Classic even then was fairly obscure as most people had AOL or some other service. Plus the way the actual programs were written and idiot people working in customer support made it kind of fun to exploit certain loopholes, either in programming or human lapses of attention to detail. I guess maybe they expected people (in a pre caller ID world) to be who they said they were, or figured we were all on the honor system. As I’ve gotten older I can appreciate the fact the tech service guys just didn’t care and probably could have shut us down easily.

    It’s really kind of nostalgic to think about, I wonder if anybody else has hung onto anything from back then? I still have my old PC which is astoundingly obsolete, my phone these days has more memory, and a lot of 3 1/2 inch disks that probably contain untold treasures but aren’t read by anything made this decade. I do have a few complete sets of startup disks and software though and a clusterfuck of old chat logs, BB posts, emails, pictures, etc. I remember P* had a system to post pictures, few people used it since pictures online was a big deal unless you had one of those newfangled digital cmaeras or a scanner.

    Also maybe someone here can squash this, but I heard something like 3-4 years ago about trying to re-start P* Classic in its original dialup format? Does anyone else know anything about it?

    If anyone remembers me (doubtful) I hope that the years have served you well and we can all laugh about the stupid things we did as kids on some new toy called the internet.


    I was a weird one – I was exactly who I said I was. I didn’t pretend to be anyone else, I stripped off all masks that I had and naively thought everyone was who they said they were as well.

    I had NO clue that most people online were probably kids. LOL.

    I was truly that innocent and naive back then. Kinda miss it. Definitely miss p*.

    Viper Kin
    V Viper V

    People who represented themselves as who they were was rare, those who misrepresented weren’t unheard of. Perhaps it was even common. I certainly knew my fair share.

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